Tecnologia aromi alimentari - Laboratorio

A designated area for development, for an always new product.

We work everyday to achieve the best quality standards and to make the production even more efficient; we are able to create products for our partners offering maximum output and aromatic balance .

Updating and developing constantly our inventory, we offer always new products both in terms of features and variety.

We use all the latest technologies to offer multiple solutions.

Our enterprise is able to meet the demands coming from both the National and the Foreing Market; the last one in particular recognizes the value of an Italian product.

In order to do that, we use all the latest technologies at our disposal to obtain the most desirable result and to provide to our customers the best possible service.


We have cutting-edge facilities which allow us to study new products or to replicate the existing ones.


These keynumbers give a concrete idea about our company, defining our operational edges.

20 persons in our team

a team made by Researchers, Quality auditor, Sales men, Technicians and Specialists in order to give to our customer the highest quality level

6k square meters

of plant displaced on a surface of 10.000 square meters

800k kilos per year

Our new plant can easily manage a production capacity that is able to support all the customer needs in the shortest time possible

Always in step with the latest technologies


The Research & Development lab is equipped with professional instruments both for new products development and existing products replica.

Spray Dryer

The company is equipped with a Spray Drying plant which can be used to produce our own powdered products. In the last years we have put the plan at the disposal of all the customers needing this particular technology

Special Productions

For all the products that need the highest quality standards, we equip our company with new production halls, which allow us to monitor Air Temperature, Humidity and Purity.