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Flavours for Special Applications

Flavours for Special Applications

Thanks to a steady commitment in the research and development, Tato has achieved a consolidated experience and competence in those technical areas that require special applications, such as:

  • FLAVOURS FOR SPIRITS: each flavour is tested in mixtures of alcohol, water and sugar and submitted to stress tests. This to be sure of its persistence in the time and to verify the absence of any interferences with other components (juices, infusions, tinctures, etc.).
  • FLAVOURS FOR THE PHARMACEUTICAL AND NUTRACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: these liquid and powder flavours must have special characteristics to cover or mitigate the unpleasant taste of some active constituents.
  • FLAVOURS FOR FOOD SUPPLEMENTS: Tato offers a complete range of flavours for all types of liquid or powder food supplements. This market of great interest addresses both to people who need to complete their diet according to a healthier lifestyle and to those who practice sports.
  • FLAVOURS FOR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES: these are special flavours that join the tobacco taste to the most different tastes requested by this evolving new market. Tato has a specific range of flavours which is constantly growing that allows the widest and the most satisfactory creation of refill lines, from “classic” to “made to measure” solutions.
  • UMAMI – POWDERED NATURAL FLAVOURS: Tato has set up a new range of flavours to make snacks, chips, breadsticks, etc. particularly tasty and appetizing. All flavours are monosodium glutamate free. The peculiarity of these products is the absolute naturalness.
  • SPORT FISHING: Tato has studied special liquid and powder flavours to aromatize baits and boilies with the purpose to get the best results in sport fishing. Thanks to continuous investments in the research, Tato is today the benchmark in this area for a large number of specialized manufacturers.
  • SHELLAC FOR CHOCOLATE: Tato’s ready-to-use shellac allows a perfect and uniform polishing of chocolate eggs, pralines, easter eggs, etc.
  • CERTIFIED KOSHER FLAVOURS: Tato produces an increasingly wide range of flavours according to the Kosher Certification for those customers that have business relations with the countries requiring it.