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Tato has a long and rich experience in the flavours sector and represents a definite answer to the most different requirements of a demanding and technologically advanced customer.

Tato is a particularly flexible company able to meet the demands of an increasingly attentive and constantly evolving NATIONAL MARKET and of a FOREIGN MARKET that has always attributed an indisputable added value to the italian taste.

QUALITY and SAFETY have always been tato’s first target: for this reason tato produces its flavours without delegating to others any intermediate phase of the manufacturing process. This is the way to blend the artisan passion together with an accurate industrial processing. Although this approach involves processing methods sometimes very long, Tato’s structure is able to ensure every customer to receive samples and deliveries in a very short time.

Furthermore Tato’s laboratories are always available to provide adequate technical and regulatory assistance.

With the construction of the new plant in 2005 and the subsequent enlargement in 2012, Tato has achieved a PRODUCTION CAPACITY of 400.000 kgs / year.


Our company has always had a particular focus for their manufacturing procedures in compliance with HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) until we get, in 2010, the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification for the production of flavorings and semi-finished food.